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Bella Homes NG is an indiginous company regstered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria to carry out the business of Hospitality and Real Estate Consultancy Services.



The Ancient city of Benin was thrown into wild jubilation as Cambridge based Jesus College hands over “The Bronze Cockerel” to Nigerian Delegation. The handing over of the historical artefact is a product of months of agitation and struggle to take back the symbol of Civilisation to the ancient kingdom. A brief examination of history of Benin depicts a highly civilised kingdom who experienced the pinnacle of technological advancement and was considered to be the highest producer of bronze at the time, until its invasion by British forces in 1897. Having crushed Benin’s resistance to its expansionist move, the eventual conquest of Benin by British forces was characterised by large scale systematic destruction and looting. The returned Bronze Cockerel known as the “Okukur’ is a significant victory in the struggle to Western countries to give back artefacts looted during colonisation. If the West wants to rid itself of the stains and vestiges of colonialism, it must return all artefacts and objects that was forcefully taken from conquered nations. This some have argued, will give the descendants of the ancient kingdoms and empires closure. Many have questioned the significance of the object being returned. Why return ordinary bronze? Why not return the Gold and properties of inestimable value that was taken? Why not pay monetary reparations for bringing one of the fastest growing civilisation to a halt? There is the general belief that had Britain not invaded the ancient kingdom, it would have been the African version of ‘Dubia’ a prosperous kingdom. However, the return of looted artefacts will provide an avenue for the descendants of conquered kingdoms to reconnect with their ancestors. The return of this artefacts promises to boost tourism in Benin as tourist from all part of the country and the world at large are eager to see the products of Benin’s ancient technology. Bellahomes, one of the best Short-let service providers in Benin city, has also promised to make such journey memorable by offering discounts to teeming tourists who wants to experience the cultural thrill of the ancient city.


National Museum Benin City

Visit the Archives and Chests of Nigeria's Art Collectibles First you'd meet a curator, then you'd become a curator The Historical Treasure lurking within those walls called the National Museum and National Theatre will not only satisfy your apetite for impressive artistry, it would improve your knowlege of National and International History. From the convenience of your home-away-from-home, A ride from Bella Homes Shortlet Apartment Hotel would take no more than 27mins, regardless of traffic, to put you a pleasurable view park location.


Why Short-lets Are Preferable To Hotels

Do you cherish your privacy?. Do you want to stay away from public spaces with their attendant noise and visual pollution, security expoure?. Then you should be looking for...